About Us

A store as unique as you are

Since then we have kept the same off-beat and art-focused decor and grown to have one of the best collections of unique eyewear from around the world

Far From Ordinary

We believe that if you wear glasses, then you should be having fun with it! Whatever fun looks like to you 🙂 We make it easy by carrying a wide variety of bold and independent designers, as well as many well-made classic styles. Some of our favourite designers are Anne et Valentin (France), theo eyewear (Belgium), Ahlem Eyewear (California and France), Moscot (New York), Masunaga (Japan), Dutil (Vancouver!) and many more! We also want you to feel inspired and comfortable in our shop, and we’ve created an environment like no other optical store in town. From the art on the walls, to the antique furniture, to our fun displays, we’re here to help you have fun trying on glasses and finding your next perfect set. Our team is also an eclectic bunch of the friendliest optical nerds you can find, who are super into learning about who you are, how you see yourself, and how you’d like your glasses to compliment that. Our collections are organized by brand, not-gendered, so it’s easy to explore the whole store and see what feels most like you.

Goo Goo is also a destination for vintage eyewear, being one of the only optical stores in Victoria to carry old stock vintage frames. Our vintage collection includes frames from the 1920’s to the late 1990’s, with many classic styles that are fun and back in fashion. These one-of-a-kind frames are also a great price, so if you’re looking to keep costs down, for a student budget, or looking for a great but inexpensive second set, this collection offers something for everyone.

Above all, we are here to help: help keep Victoria and beyond excited about fun glasses; help you not pay more than you need to; and help you make the best decision for your eyes. Whatever you style, we’re excited to help you find your next favourite frames and back them up with some amazing customer service. This is what we’re all about, whether it’s new glasses or if your current set needs fixing, adjusting, customizing, or magic, we do it all and we’d love to be your optical shop!

Do you ever wish you knew someone, or knew someone who knew someone who could just give you glasses advice straight up, and not charge you for the little things? Well now you do – you know us! Come see what a different type of optical store feels like



We are Open Monday – Saturday from 10:00 – 5:00

Pre-booking an appointment guarantees that we will have space set aside for you and that one of our fantastic staff will be available to help you with all of your glasses needs when you arrive.  That means no more waiting for an available staff member because we will be expecting you 🙂  Most days we’ve also made space to accommodate SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS (or even walk-ins) as long as we’re not short staffed.  So feel free to come on by and see if we have space available, but to guarantee your spot booking an appointment ahead of time is highly recommended 🙂

Email or call us for more details or to book an appointment today!

Thank you! – The Goo Goo Family