This spring check out the new sunglass arrivals from some of our favorite designers!

Anne & Valentin‘s Solar Block sun release is all about impact. Bold colors, strong shapes, unabashed geometry. These models have cleaner details and intricacies, they’re crafted with contrasting matte and glossy textures creating a modern look that is blocky and saturated in colour. One of the many reasons Goo Goo loves A&V so much is for offering so many great prescription sunglass options that achieve epic style and grace without compromising vision and optics!

The designers at Moscot may revisit classic shapes from their century-old archives, however that doesn’t mean they’re not bringing heart-stopping new releases. So what are our favourites from the latest sunglasses shipment? Check out Greps a strong & curvy round shape that comes in a delicious honey and tortoiseshell color-way. Or possibly you’re looking for shades with lots of coverage that still bring that bossy vintage glamour? Pop Shonda on your peepers. This model is a combination of metal and plastic that serves a strong brow in shiny gold and spotted tortoise-shell.

For effortless deco-styling, luxurious craftsmanship and low-key charisma you gotta be trying on some of these new sunnies from Ahlem. Her collection has a beautiful dichotomy: choose between thin and ornate luxury metal frames with clean, modern lines in glossy golds OR robust, angular and chunky acetates with an almost architectural presence. In either material they showcase charming twists on classic styles met with a modern French-flair that makes them irresistibly chic in a way that can only be Ahlem.

Not to forget, if you haven’t already rummaged through the newest Mille+ release from Theo eyewear, they are definitely a must-see! Never ceasing to reinvent themselves, this Theo series is made from beautiful acetate and glazed with tinted lenses that sit within titanium rims. Our particular favourite shape is the Mille+95 for it’s retro lifted rectangular shape that’s suitable for all genders. Want more information on the history of Theo’s Mille+ series? Take a look at their short informative video ::)

Goo Goo Goggles has all this in store and more! Let us know how we can best help you find that next great pair of sunglasses!

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